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Text and Icon Session Notes Sticker Sheets

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These stickers are a simple and effective way to not only keep your Session Notes organized but also to bring some color to the inside of your character journal. The stickers make finding important information you jot down so much easier!

I've added text stickers for: Items, Place, Allies, Enemies, To Dos, Goals and Rest.

The Icon stickers have a Pushpin (I like this for locations), Sword (could represent any item), Star (important details), Gold (that moneyyy), Person (any NPCs you come across), Potion (could be for any healing done or potion taken), Magnifying Glass (for the clues), Zzzs (for short or long rests), Treasure Chest (any loot), Flag (goals or important reminders.)

The set includes: One Text sticker sheet and one Icon sticker sheet for $6. The Party Discount includes 5 sets at a discounted price of $5 each, 25$ total.

MISCUT Icon sticker sheet: I'm offering some miscut sets at a discounted price. Only the Icon sticker sheets were miscut, the Text sticker sheets in the set are fine. The sticker sheet was cut too close to the left side and it affected only two stickers: one sword and one treasure chest.

  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 inches (10.1 x 15.2 cms)
  • Paper: Premium Gloss Paper, meant for indoor use
  • The individual stickers are small enough to fit perfectly on any notebook
  • The washi tape, journal or dice are not included.

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