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Very lovely

Got the Black 90s Dice Skater Skirt and the White 90s Dice Skater Skirt for my wife, she loves them both!


I love this skirt!! The fabric is beautiful, and my joy at finding the pockets was unparalleled. The pockets are deep enough to easily hold my phone and wallet, and the length is perfect. I’ll definitely be choosing another of these for my next fun piece of clothing :)

So comfy!!

My favorite sweatshirt by far, so comfortable, so snuggly!

I love everything from this shop!

Seriously, everything was so well made and shipped quickly. I love it all and can't wait to see my friends receive this tank and other things from this shop, as gifts.


It fit amazing and I love it

This is the cutest skirt i own

This is my first time buying from this shop and im honestly glad i did. I ordered 2 sweatshirts and 2 skater skirts. The bard skirt is probably the cutest skirt i have in my closet. The patter is so nice. The length is nice as well so I dont feel any discomfort wearing it. It comes to a bit below my mid thigh. Right now I'm pairing it up with the "What's your damage?" sweatshirt in pink!

Beautiful and amazing quality!

I was already so excited to receive these, but was stunned at how high quality they were when they arrived! Highly highly recommend. They’re my new favorite pair of earrings!

Roguishly Charming

Super cute pin. The design is perfect for any treasure hoarding, lockpicking, gold obsessed rogue in the party. I love the rubber backings. Shipped out and arrived fairly quickly.

Great gift

I gave this shirt as a gift. My daughter in law was delighted. Thanks for creating unique items.

Super Cute!

Everything arrived as expected and in a quick time frame. I love it!

Paladin Shirt


Fits perfectly, never been a skirts person but I fell in love this skirt

Great shirt!

Fits well, super comfy, and shipped quickly!

Beautiful skirt, very comfortable

DRAGONS! I love dragons. And it's super comfy and feels nice to wear.

Great stickers!

I love these stickers! They're excellent quality, the colors are so smooth and lovely. They're a good size for water bottles, notebooks, or laptops, especially if you already have a few stickers. Overall I'm very pleased and will definitely be buying more stickers from here!

Just what I wanted!

I love dragons and I was obsessed with Tamagotchis as a kid so this was the perfect pin. It arrived quickly with no quality issues or anything. Thanks!!

Perfect for gender euphoria

The 90s baby nerd in me loves the jazzy dice pattern.
The genderfluid person in me adores the feminine feel of the skater skirt (black base dice pattern) and the masculine vibes I get when I wear the button down (teal base dice pattern).
Fabric is soft and the sizes come as aspected.

Nice stickies

I got a few of these for my gaming group. They're light enough that you can see what you wrote, so don't let the color deter you.

Love it

Super comfy, exactly what I pictured. I am one for layers and it’s super easy to color coordinate with!

Absolutely gorgeous!!

This pin is stunning! It's great quality and I love the gold outlining the poppy petals. The item card is really cute too! It's exciting to have such a pretty pin that I can also use in my game.

Adorable and well made!

I couldn't love this bag more! It's so cute and very well put together. It's quickly become my favorite tote :)


Is a shirt. Very soft, very nice, fits very well. One of the only places you can still get shirts that fit skinny lads

Alchemist Skater Skirt

My New Favourite Shirt, I Can't Stop Wearing It

I've received sooo many compliments on this shirt in the short time I've worn it. Even non-D&D players love the pattern and design. Not to mention it is *hecka* soft, like the softest thing I own. The medium fit a little bit bigger than normal, but not in a bad way. Loose fits are 100% still a great style. 17/5 would recommend.

Black 90s Dice Skater Skirt