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Cure wounds

This is a pretty must have. Me and my party use it every time we cast the spell.
The art is beautiful and the pin is well made

Goblins Midi Skirt

Love it

Wanted to give it to my fiancée for Xmas but couldn't wait! Amazing pattern fits great.

Super soft and pretty

This is a great shirt! But make 1000% sure you remove the sticker before washing it for the first time…..

distributes weight well compared to last backpack - much preferred while on my bike :D

Perfectly adorable!

It fits perfectly, it's comfortable and the design is just adorable! The colours hold strong and the print is very clear. I'm absolutely in love with this skirt. It looks just like the pictures!

Dagger and d20 Crop Top
Nikki Inocente
Super comfy, super cute!

I love this crop top. It's probably the softest material I've felt in awhile and fits super well. I ordered the mauve color and it is a bit thinner/transparent, so i would recommend wearing a nude color underneath if you don't want whatevet you're wearing underneath it to show through. Haven't washed and worn it yet, but am looking forward to donning it at my next session!

Color shift

I really love the pin, but I have one issue with it: The color schemes for rogue and monk. I think they should be swapped and have the monk be yellow and the rogue be purple, similar to the other pin that has the artificer as well.

Beautiful pin

The pin is so beautiful and high quality, and the spinner is so fun, I feel like I’ve been spinning non stop since it arrived

Class Roulette Spinner Pin
David & Ashlee Carey
It's great, but we received the wrong item

The spinner in and of itself is great! The issue is we received the wrong spinner, and when we sent a message to ask about getting the right one, we never got a response.


I ordered this for a holiday gift, but now I can't wait to get one for myself! Superb as always.

Class Roulette Spinner Pin

the quality of the pin is just fantastic. It's so pretty and it spins smoothly. It has gone on my dnd bag to be used when making new characters.

I love these so much! They're a great quality sticker and so cute! I love that I could get all of them at once!


I love this!! It’s incredible. I’m so happy with it and would encourage others to support this amazing shop! Well done!! 10/10


Loved how they turned out!


TikTok strikes again by introducing me to an amazing small business creator in Paola's Pixels! The Class Roulette Spinner Pin is exactly as advertised, well made and great for indecisive players as well as DM's fidgeting during their player's turns. 10/10, highly recommended.

Good quality

Adorably pretty pins

The tiny pins came in a timely fashion. They are a fantastic quality and are just so pretty

Amazing - Would order again 10/10

Everything that came in was beyond amazing. Great quality and style! This artist knows what they’re doing! <3
Love the spinning dial the most- such a creative idea.


These are awesome!

Fantastic shirt!

Not only is the design of this shirt THE CUTEST, it fits perfectly too, and it’s so soft! It’s my new favorite and I’ve gotten so many compliments.

Class Roulette Spinner Pin
Nolan Childerhose

Wonderfully creative and stylish pin. All my D&D playing friends are jealous. Makes an excellent gift!

You've Been Hellishly Rebuked Enamel Pin

My wife and I love our matching dicey shirts!

Excellent, comfortable fit and cool design!

The shirt material is really nice and fit my husband perfectly, he is tall and it was a good length. He really loves this shirt and wore it to our last pathfinder session. Looks exactly like it does in the picture.