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Best Women's Button Up EVER

Y'all trust the size guide and if needed measure some of your own clothes, you will not regret it. I have larger arms so I always struggle to find button ups that don't give my arms muffin tops and this one did not. Not only is the fit flattering and amazing, but the pattern is so fun but subtle enough for work wear. Definitely plan to get more in the future!

A playful pin and high quality!

Amazing - Great for Indecisive Players

Saw a post on Reddit a week or so ago and bought it immediately. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as massive as it is, but it is incredibly well made.

Great gift for a DnD aficionado

I bought these metal DnD class spinners for myself and a friend. Saw a reddit post showing them off. They looked too good to be true for the price that was listed - I expected low quality. But to me happy delight, they came exactly as described. A nice feel, professional metal backs for the pins, and a lovely spinner. Completely satisfied.


Extremely well made, absolutely fantastic gift for my DnD obsessed partner!

Very well made

Very well made and can take the seller put a lot of time and energy making it. One piece of feedback. See if you can explore an option to lock the spinner in a place. Like if I have it on my bag, I don't want to hear the sliding or risk scratching off the paint.


Good quality, fast shipping, fun pin. A+

Fits well and looks amazing! My students love when I wear it.

Wizard Lanyard
Zach Helms
So cute! :P

I love this lanyard! Every time I look at it I get a hit of Seratonin and Wizardly Vibes!

Class Roulette Spinner Pin


I didn't think these are as big as they would be.

These animals are so frikking cute!

These pins live in my TTRPG bookshelf and they add a fantastic backdrop to my dice collection

Love the design!

I saw this shirt in public once and knew I had to have it! My DnD group loves the design!

Class Roulette Spinner Pin
Elizabeth Forman

Class Roulette Spinner Pin

Beautiful work

Such a beautiful art piece, I love the colors and what it means to DnD, just adds another layer to fun, thank you so much!!

Alchemist Midi Skirt
Megan Shoemaker
super cute and cool

I am actually wearing my skirt for the first time today. It is cool and comfy. I am very happy to note that the waist stays where I want it even with full pockets!

Love the shirt!

The size that I assumed would fit me-a medium-was sold out, so after looking at the sizing chart, I purchased a small, and it fits very well! The material is light and comfortable, and the pattern is just as charming as it appears online. Very happy with my purchase.

Loved my entire order and will happily purchase from you again

Spinner drags

The video I saw posted on Reddit by the creator showed a smoothly spinning needle that slowly stopped on a class. What I received was a needle that drags along the underlying disc. I mean, I guess I could spin it fast enough I'll get a random result, but when I opened my package I felt I had been misled. Wouldn't have bought it if I'd known, won't buy from this seller again.

A phenomenal shirt

This is a gorgeous pattern and a well-made shirt! Very happy with my purchase.

Love the design

This is one of my favorite shirt designs, it’s unique but also recognizable as a dnd/dice shirt!!

Warlock Skater Skirt
Samantha Martin

Warlock Skater Skirt

Waiting for answer to email

Hello! The shirt is of course great but is too big! I emailed a little over a week ago and am still waiting for a response. Thank you so much!

All around great shirt

The print is cute and cool and not too loud. The fabric is soft. The colors pop. The construction is good quality, especially for the price. Very nice collar. A great dressier shirt for someone who lives in teeshirts! Using the size chart was able to get a good fit. Bought a large for someone who wears a medium in most unisex tees.

Awesome shirt

I love this shirt! The unique pattern is wonderful and got lots of compliments from my gaming group :) I am 5'3" and got the XL, so I prefer to wear it tucked in due to its length. Will definitely order more button-ups in the future!