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Seconds sale! Red Panda Ranger Enamel Pin

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WARNING! These pins have small flaws. Some of the problems include: spots in the paint that cannot be removed, some missing paint around the edges, bumpy enamel or smeared paint. The defects are small and some are hardly noticeable.

Flaws are not necessarily reflected in the images shown. Pins are shipped at random.

This is the Red Panda Ranger design from my Animal Party Collection inspired by 5th Edition base classes. This adorable Ranger is sporting a bow and arrow and is ready for battle.

• Gold plated

• 1.73in (4.4cm) tall

• Screenprinted details

• Rubber Back and Locking Back available

• Paola's Pixels stamp on back with 2 posts

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely Adorable!

I honestly have no idea why this was listed as seconds grade quality - I certainly can't tell! It is gorgeous, the colors are vibrant, and its very sturdy and seems to be high quality. Love it!

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