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Monster Minis Skirt

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I drew some cute Tabletop creatures to share with you! Dragon, Displacer Beast, Flumph, Gelatinous Cube, Mimic, Beholder, Myconid and Owlbear.

The fabric is not flimsy and the skirt is long enough not be awkward to wear. The print is vibrant and the details I've added to the pattern are clear. The flattering silhouette looks great on any body type, and thanks to the elastic waistband, you'll feel extra comfy.

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• Smooth fabric
• Mid-thigh length
• Elastic waistband
• Overlock seams, coverstitch hemline
• Black stitching

SIZING: Please refer to the Size Chart in the pictures. The measurements include band size when laying flat and the length when laying flat. The Waist and Hip measurements are the recommended size for the person wearing the skirt. My measurement fall between Small and Medium and I decided to buy a Small. The band is very stretchy, the Small size stretches from 11 3/4 to 17 inches.

Customer Reviews

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LOVE this skirt!

I am totally in love with my monster minis skirt. The material is thick, yet soft and slick and stretchy. The sizing is perfect and the elastic band is comfortable. I can't wait to wear it to my next gaming session!

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