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Class Roulette Spinner Pin

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Do you, like me, suffer from indecision? I never know what class to play so I designed this Class Roulette Spinner Pin to make it easier to start your new Tabletop character creation.


Original 12 classes: No Artificer

Seconds - Original 12 classes: No Artificer, slight defects on the pin like black spots of paint or not smooth spin

Artificer Added: The original 12 classes plus Artificer

Seconds - Artificer Added:The original 12 classes plus Artificer, slight defects on the pin like black spots of paint or not smooth spin

This spinner pin is 2.5in hard enamel and comes with the backing card.

• 2.5” hard enamel fill

• Bright imitation gold plating

• Rubber back or Locking back available

• Paola's Pixels backstamp logo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Kaitelyn Smith
Very good

The pin is super rad. The spin-y part is a teeny tiny bit looser than I'd personally like, but I get why it's the way it is and it doesn't detract from the radness

Jackson Bussard
Fantastic fun

Though a bit silly, I get much use out of just spinning this top for fun. It's a bit of a fidget at this point, and maybe it will get used in a one shot at some point, but I'm still excited for the version with artificer and enjoying it greatly.


A playful pin and high quality!

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