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Class Roulette Spinner Pin

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STOCK NEWS: "Artificer Added" pin is in stock, "Original 12 classes" pin will be in stock at the end of October.

Do you, like me, suffer from indecision? I never know what class to play so I designed this Class Roulette Spinner Pin to make it easier to start your new Tabletop character creation.


Original 12 classes: No Artificer

Seconds - Original 12 classes: No Artificer, slight defects on the pin like black spots of paint or not smooth spin

Artificer Added: The original 12 classes plus Artificer

Seconds - Artificer Added:The original 12 classes plus Artificer, slight defects on the pin like black spots of paint or not smooth spin

This spinner pin is 2.5in hard enamel and comes with the backing card.

• 2.5” hard enamel fill

• Bright imitation gold plating

• Rubber back or Locking back available

• Paola's Pixels backstamp logo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Arnan Anthony
Color shift

I really love the pin, but I have one issue with it: The color schemes for rogue and monk. I think they should be swapped and have the monk be yellow and the rogue be purple, similar to the other pin that has the artificer as well.

Kenna Compton
Beautiful pin

The pin is so beautiful and high quality, and the spinner is so fun, I feel like I’ve been spinning non stop since it arrived

David & Ashlee Carey
It's great, but we received the wrong item

The spinner in and of itself is great! The issue is we received the wrong spinner, and when we sent a message to ask about getting the right one, we never got a response.

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