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Bard Washi Tape

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This Bard washi has everything that reminds me of Bards, be it musical or otherwise.

I know a lot of people play musical Bards but I wanted to include those Bards who perform in other ways.

There is a lute and a cittern, drums, a harp, a kazoo, a lyre, a pan flute, a flute, a dagger, a sword, love letter, ink, quill and paper, a hat of disguise, the theater masks, love potion, brush and scroll.

This tape has pink foil details.

Washi tape is a thin decorative paper masking tape. This tape is perfect for wrapping presents, decoration a journal or separating session notes on your character journals.

  • Dimensions: 0.5 in by 32.8 ft (15mm by 10m)

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Customer Reviews

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Curious about the next one

I love these washi tapes, they go along well with my DnD notes and it's really hard to stay away from the new releases. I mean, it's a washi tape collection on its own)

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