October News

Oct 25, 2023

 ✦ News

The button up and midi skirt restock finally arrived! Almost at the same time the leftovers from my Raise Your Banner Kickstarter was added to the store 😁 I'll have a lot of goodies ready to ship for your holiday shopping!

✦ What The Bag Is Holding

I spent last month designing a new mini pin collection inspired by what an Adventurer might be carrying in their Bag of Holding. If you've followed me long enough you probably remember the first mini pin collection I designed inspired by this. I loved that collection but I wanted to update the designs this year. Here's the original: 

The new designs will be released as a Kickstarter in November. They're a whopping 13 designs so far (oops?) and one of the stretch goals will be to add one more, probably another dragon. What do you think? 😁

✦ Free Wallpaper

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