May News

May 16, 2024

✦ Free Shipping

I'm trying out a free shipping discount for people in the US only. If you spend $50 or more on select items you'll get free shipping automatically. The select items are all items I fulfill myself (pins, patches, notepads, button ups, midi skirts, socks, ties, etc) so it's really hard to list them without making them complicated 😂 I have added all of them to this collection.

✦ New items!

I released new socks, pins, crossbody bags, tumblers and tank tops. I've been busy trying to release merch for Mother's Day and Father's Day.

✦ Magnetic Backs

I am adding Magnetic backs as an option for all of my pins so you can make any enamel pin into a magnetic pin by just changing the backing clutch. I'm going to spend hours adding that variation to all of my listings 😭 

✦ Life Updates

The best book I read last month: My book club picked Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik to read last month. I didn't technically read it again since I read it last year but it's very good! 
Current project: I'm vectoring magical swords enamel pin for my next Kickstarter 😁

✦ Free Wallpaper

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