March News

Mar 14, 2024

 ✦ Alchemical Romance

I FINALLY released the new design I've been working on! I am obsessed with potion bottles so I wanted to print a bunch of them down the sleeves ✨

✦ Life Updates

The best book I read last month: Oahtbringer by Brandon Sanderson 😝 I'm now reading Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld as a buffer between Fantasy books.

Current project: I am working on redesigning some of my patterns, starting with Druid! I hope to use these new patterns to release more button ups 😁

✦ Free Wallpaper

I've been having a lot of fun drawing animal adventurers. Maybe eventually I will design a pattern with my favorites. For now, have a wallpaper featuring a Swashbuckler Cat!

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