July News

Jul 11, 2023

✦ Restock News

The new button ups and midi skirts will be shipping to me soon. I'll have 3 new button up designs and a restock of the unisex Dragons design. I'll also have 2 new midi skirts designs and a restock of the Alchemist design.

The restock will be at the end of July or beginning of August. You'll hear about it in the newsletter first 😊

✦ Gelatinous Cube July?

I shared my new Gelatinous Cube skirt this month and people seemed to love it! So I'm naming this July, Gelatinous Cube July ✨🟩

The little embroidered Gelatinous Cube is also available as a beanie, hat, crop top, t-shirt and even polo!

Survey Results

I was not surprised at all about the results when I asked people what their Favorite Actual Play show was. Ready?
5. NaddPod
4. Dungeons and Daddies
3. The Adventure Zone
2. Dimension 20
1. Critical Role

Are you shocked? 😂

✦ Free Wallpaper

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