April News

Apr 11, 2024

✦ Merch for Spring

Last year I designed a t-shirt and pattern inspired by Spring, this year I designed a t-shirt and pattern inspired by Druid Wild Shape.

Druid Wild Shape Shirt
Druid Wild Shape Crop Top
Spring Items Shirt

✦ Restock Coming Soon

The Button Ups and Mini Skirts will get a restock soon! Hopefully in May if everything works out. New designs will be the Druid Wild Shape pattern and the Purple Dungeon Academia pattern. The Dragons and Goblins pattern are also coming back.

✦ Life Update

The best book I read last month: The Black Witch by Laurie Forest. I read it for my book club and it was surprisingly good!

Current project: I am back to designing magical flower swords for my next Kickstarter 🙏 

✦ Free Wallpaper

I am still failing at drawing daily but I've been having fun drawing animal adventurers. I get the best ideas when I let myself just sketch without a project in mind.

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