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Let's Do Some Damage Enamel Pin

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Let's Do Some Damage Enamel Pin is back!

The inspiration for this Tabletop RPG pin came to me when I was watching Critical Role. I immediately had to design this pin and later I thought it would be amazing to make it a reality. I'm so happy with how they turned out! D4, D6 and D8 dice are represented because those were the dice I was using to deal damage with my Ranger at the time. I have since moved to d10s! ;) I have already gifted pins to my Dungeon Masters, I highly recommend them as a bribe!

I made these enamel pins for all the people as obsessed with 5th edition as I am. Please enjoy them! I can't wait to make my next ones.

The pin is 1.25in hard enamel and comes with a cute backing card for best presentation.

• 1.25” hard enamel fill

• Bright imitation gold plating

• Rubber Back or Locking Back available

• Props are for photos only and are not included.

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