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Colorful Dice Patch

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 Here's the Colorful Dice Patch. I don't know about you but I love color! So this is one of the first designs I ever made and I thought it would look great as a patch :D The colors on these patches turned out perfect. 

++++ DETAILS ++++

• 4 in by 3 in (10.1 cm x 7.6 cm)  patch

• Iron-On patch

• Embroidered patch


1• Set your iron at the hottest temperature setting but do not use steam

2• Place your patch on the garment where you want to attach it and cover it with a clean cloth like a sheet, pillowcase, dish towel, etc.

3• Press the iron straight down with constant pressure for 30 seconds. Do NOT move iron in a back and forth motion.

4• Repeat with other side of garment.

5• Let iron-on patch cool down.

6• Enjoy!


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