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Alchemist Zipper Pouch

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This Alchemist zipper pouch is the perfect size to carry a ridiculous amount of dice! At 8in by 6in (20cm by 15cm) you could also store pencils, cards, minis, school supplies or make up.

One side of the pouch has a pattern inspired by the Alchemist class in 5e. I used Alchemical Fire, Healing Draught, Alchemical Acid, Poison, Thunderstone, driftglobe, goggles of night, alchemy jug, wand of secrets, ring of swimming, decanter of endless water, etc!

The other side is cotton canvas with an illustration of potion bottles and other knickknacks. 

The bag has a T-bottom that is 1.5in deep so it stands when full.

• 8in x 6in x 1.5in (20cm x 15cm x 3.75cm)

• Cotton canvas

• T-bottom

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