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d20 Adventure Tote Bag

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We're going on an adventure! This is one of my favorite designs and now it's a tote bag :)

This design has an adventuring party walking through a mountainous forest.

• Size: 13.5 in by 16 in (34.3 cm by 40.6 cm)

• Handles: 11 in (28cm) long

• Material: 8oz  polyester canvas

• Props not included

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for all kinds of aventuring!

When I ordered this I didn't realize the print was on both sides! It's my favorite design so I was super pleased - no worrying about which side is facing out. I'm also very impressed with the quality - I thought it would be paint-printed on the canvas but it's literally embedded in the fabric so there's no concern about the print rubbing or flaking off like other totes.

It has a pocket inside too! Attached to the top edge on one side, it's as wide as between the two handles, deep enough that I can drop my phone in without worrying about it falling out, perfect spot for dice bags, pens/pencils, minis, keys or any other smaller items you don't want to dig to the bottom for. It isn't a flat bottom tote but there's still a lot of room in the width. The handles are a great length - long enough to get them over your shoulder comfortably and the top of the tote isn't right in your armpit haha.

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