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Witch Enamel Pin

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A new pin for the Adventurer Day Jobs collection! Just in time for Halloween, it's the Witch enamel pin. This design is about 75% inspired by Gormlaith from the Glass Cannon podcast :)

This enamel pin collection is meant to be more subtle 5th edition, more fantasy inspired. I wanted to create little scenes that were evocative of playing a tabletop game or even reading a fantasy book! I had a lot of fun designing all of them.

The pin is 1.25in hard enamel and comes with the backing card as shown in the pictures.

I'm selling this pin at a discounted price because one of the colors in the crystals didn't screen print like I designed it. It's a very small flaw that not many people will notice.

• 1.25” hard enamel fill

• Black nickel plating

• Rubber back or Locking back available

• Paola's Pixels backstamp logo

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Customer Reviews

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Nathen Graey
Simply stunning!

The Witch enamel pin was purchased to celebrate a brand new D&D:5E character: Finnery Graves (Hexblood, College of Spirits, Pact of The Undead). I mean, c'mon, it's perfect in every way. There's no photo I can add to this review that would look better than the product photography.

Paola's work is incomparable. Simple, clean, and fresh designs that make for stunning clothing, accessories, and stationery. Her eye for color and detail is exquisite. You can see the thought that goes into her work on screen but truly can't appreciate the detail until it's in your hand. I cannot recommend Paola's creations enough. You can only be a first-time customer once: you're guaranteed to return. Also: look for and support her on Patreon.

Kelsey Ann
Love it

This pin is so fun and looks really beautiful. It fits in well with my other Paola Pins.

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